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A Wave of Change – And No Change

September 1, 2009

Here are additions I have made to the blog this week.  My hope is to gradually establish this as a space where I can discuss the experience of serving on the school board as well school board activities and education ideas.  The post listed below, “Balancing Act,” is an example.

Calendar – Week of August 31, 2009

Highlights – Week of August 24, 2009

Balancing Act

A Wave of Change – And No Change


Monday Updates

August 24, 2009

As we begin the first full week of the new school year, I am making an attempt to bring back to life my dormant blog.  My plan is to spend 45 minutes give or take each Monday to capture experiences I am having on the school board.  I plan to list the calendar for the coming week, highlights from the past week and other items that strike my fancy.

I am sequencing the posts so that people who come to the blog can read from top to bottom on the day I add the posts.  If you are coming to the blog via an RSS feed, the sequencing may seem out of whack.  I don’t know for sure.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for returning to a neglected site.

Policy Governance

August 24, 2009

Over the summer, the school board invested considerable time in training on a model of governance called policy governance.  The goal of the policy governance method of board governance is to focus board time and attention more on big ticket items rather than getting involved in day-to-day management.  We will discuss how we plan to move forward with this model more at our meeting on Wednesday, August 26.

In the policy governance method, the board has three primary jobs.

1. Be voice of the community; explain the community to the school district in this case.  The policy governance literature calls this Owner Linkage.

2. Establish Ends (what needs to be accomplished) and Set Limits (things that should not be done).

3. Monitor and ensure performance.