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Balancing Act

September 1, 2009

I am having to re-learn, to an extent, the balancing act of school board, work and family with the school year back in full swing.  I have a tendency to become over enthusiastic about all that is going on the school district and community related to education and I sometimes over commit.

I have found that the activity that suffers most from a busy schedule is time with my kids.  In particular, I read less to my kids before bed than I would like.  It takes us far longer to finish books than it did before I was on school board.  My kids notice, too.  My son and I are halfway through the final book in the series Percy Jackson and The Olympians.  We have a great time reading them together.  My son remarked last night, “Remember how we thought we’d be done with this book by now.”

The busy schedule comes with the territory.  I signed up for school board and I am responsible for striking the appropriate balance.  I am working on establishing some personal parameters or rules of thumb to help me balance the time I spend on school board activities.  For instance, I am going to try to limit my meetings to three per week and my hours to 15 per week.  It won’t be possible to stay within these bounds every week but I think it’s a reasonable starting point.

Last week, I spent 17 hours on school board activities.  I also missed a meeting of the Longmont Education Task Force so that I could be available to talk to a client and I was not able to attend the grand opening of Flagstaff Academy’s new school due to a family trip over the weekend.

The new parameters are having an effect, too.  I had to reschedule attending a meeting of Spangler Elementary’s new calendar committee until October.  I hate to miss that meeting because I believe this group is doing important work that I want to learn about.  But, it is part of my effort to find the right balance.  We’ll see how it goes.