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Highlights – Week of August 24, 2009

September 1, 2009

Accountability Committee

One of the charges of the district accountability committee is to review charter school applications and make recommendations about the proposals to the board.  This week, committee members received an application from Aspen Ridge Preparatory School which would like to locate in Erie, Colorado.

Representatives of Aspen Ridge Preparatory School did not schedule any meetings with district staff prior to submitting their application so at this point I don’t yet know a lot about it.  Pre-meetings with district staff are not required but are certainly useful.  The group who chartered St. Vrain Montessori School put together an exemplary charter school application and had several meetings prior to submitting their application.

The Aspen Ridge group used a template developed by the Colorado Department of Education to organize their application rather than the St. Vrain template.  In order to expedite the process, the committee agreed to use the state template for the review.

Spangler PLC Days

I had the opportunity to observe the Spangler staff develop SMART goals for reading instruction for the upcoming school year.  It was a great opportunity for me to hear teachers discuss some of the strengths and weaknesses of the district’s reading curriculum.

Spangler is one of the schools where we have more work to do to equip teachers with technology to support their instruction.  It was exciting to hear of all the instructional opportunities they will be able to pursue once they have a few more tools.  That does not mean they are waiting until they have technology to provide reading instruction – far from it.  They are working hard with the tools they have.  But, there are many additional opportunities that will become possible with a few basic tech tools.

School Board Meeting

This week’s school board was mostly routine business.  One of the highlights is that it is now possible to watch board meetings at your convenience.  Video recordings of the board meetings are now being posted on the districted web site.  Thanks to DTS and Longmont Channel 3 for making this possible.  Here is the link to the August 26 meeting.

Information about Salary Negotiations

As those who read this blog may be aware, I was interviewed last week regarding salary negotiations with the St. Vrain Valley Education Association.  It would always be nice if newspaper stories allowed more space for context and nuance but it is a medium with many constraints.

There is much to discuss and lessons to share.  I am eager to do that at the appropriate time.  Meantime, here are links to the stories and the press release issued by the school district.

Times Call article

Daily Camera article

School District Press Release