BOE Report – February 11, 2009

Early in each school board meeting, board members give an update of things that they’ve done over the past week.  Here is the update I plan to give later tonight.  I am anticipating a very long meeting so I am trying to keep my remarks brief.

Education Task Force

I attended an Education Task Force meeting today.  One of the topics we discussed is parents knowledge of and comfort level using technology.  There were several representatives from the parent education task force of which the school district is part.  This is a group of organizations that offer parent education classes.  They are trying to coordinate their efforts to increase their impact.

Given that we are adopting Infinite Campus next year, the parent education group plans to offer parents training so that parents can make effective use of this tool.

Intergovernmental Agreements

I am a member of two committees that has overlap between the city of Longmont and the school district.  Both of these committees have very small budgets – less than $10,000.

These committees are having trouble spending the money they’ve been allocated.  In some cases, because of the source of the funds, the school district is the source of the money but city staff are in charge of spending the money – and vice versa.

The intergovernmental agreement (IGA) process that’s required to spend the money is tedious and slow.  Tonight we have an IGA on our agenda, if I read correctly, for $21,000.  The groups I’m working with are trying to spend $450 and less than $5,000 respectively.

At some point in the near future, I think we need to discuss ways to simplify the IGA process.  When do we want an IGA to come to the board and when can the superintendent (or city manager) just approve it?  The city of Longmont needs to review its policy, too.

We can make more effective use of everyone’s time.

 St. Vrain Student Technology Tech Fair

See post below

Immigrant Dialogues

I was not able to attend but I want to make everyone aware that there have been Immigrant Dialogues this week at Skyline High School and Central Elementary.  I would like to thank everyone who made those possible.

Accreditation and Accountability Committee

The committee met this week and had another very productive meeting.  Thanks to everyone who is giving their Tuesday evenings to this work.


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