BOE Microblogging Notes – Longmont Committee for the Cultural and Performing Arts (LCCPA).

I am experimenting with micro-blogging. Capturing salient ideas in 140 characters or less.  I made an effort to take notes in micro-blog style at the last school board meeting. Not sure yet if I think this will be a useful exercise.  I may experiment a little bit more.  My hope is to capture and post relevant information on a more timely basis.  Here's a first installment of micro-blog notes.  We met with the Longmont Committee for the Culture and Performing Arts (LCCPA) in a work session prior to the regular school board meeting.

BOE Microblogging Notes – Longmont Committee for the Cultural and Performing Arts (LCCPA).

LCCPA is interested in creating a regional arts and education center that they will call the Longmont School for the Arts.
The school would serve people of all ages from youth to adults in programs ranging from culinary to theater.
LCCPA envisions a post secondary arts school.  A model for their vision is the Savannah College of Art and Design.
The group believes the Longmont School for the Arts will be complementary to, not in competition with, public school arts programs. I see these possibilities.
LCCPA would eventually like to build a performing arts center.  An example of their vision is Santa Fe’s Lensic.
The group is interested in leasing the building on 9th and Main Streets which currently houses Twin Peaks Charter Academy.
I am impressed with the group’s vision.  The BOE agreed to have staff pursue conversations about a potential lease option on the 9th and Main facility.
LCCPA was represented by Dr. Peter Schmid, Jim Marty, Julia Pirnack, Scott Pirnack and Scott Dunn.
Conversation points that stick with me…
Arts centers are evolving away from a place that hosts events for subscribers to observe. The trend is for arts centers to host participatory programs.
Young arts enthusiasts expect to participate in and socialize around their performing arts experiences.
Yet another industry/institution that must reinvent itself to be a platform for people to have co-created experiences.
From Daniel Pink’s Book, A Whole New Mind… The Master of Fine Arts is the new MBA.


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