Education Articles

Several people have sent me education articles over the past six weeks. My stack is growing. I must confess I am not making it through the articles as rapidly as I would like.  Here's what's in the stack now:

Noddings, Nel. "Schooling for Democracy." Phi Delta Kappan. September 2008.

Hess, Diana. "Democratic Education to Reduce the Divide." Social Education. Nov/Dec 2008.

Wilensky, Rona. "High Schools Have Got It Bad for Higher Ed – and That Ain't Good." Phi Delta Kappan. December 2007.

Zhao, Yong. "Are We Fixing the Wrong Thing?" Educational Leadership. May 2006.

Kahlenberg, Richard. "Why Socioeconomic Integration Works." [may be incorrect title]. Educational Leadership. May 2006.

Kozol, Jonathan. "Confections of Apartheid." Phi Delta Kappan. December 2005.

Escamilla, Kathy et al. "Rithinking the 'Gap.'" Journal of Teacher Education. March/April 2005.

Paez, Doris. "Culturally Competent Assessment of English Language Learners." National Association of School Psychologists.

Barnett, Berry. "The Future of the Teaching Profession." EDge. Nov/Dec 2008.

Bollier, David. "When Push Comes to Pull." An Aspen Institute conference report. 2005.

Snell, Lisa. "Virtual Schools are the Future." citation unknown.


One Response to “Education Articles”

  1. Brad Jolly Says:

    John, it appears that virtually all of this stuff comes from the people responsible for the current state of public education. Fixing public education will require substantially new thinking, not more inbred ed-school approaches.
    As for the Aspen Institute, I note that they no longer use the “for Humanistic Studies” phrase as part of their name, but they appear to be a secular humanist organization nonetheless. I would be wary of them.

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