Speaking of Amendment 59

I am in favor of Amendment 59 also known as Colorado Safe.  The school board passed a resolution of support for this Amendment at a recent school board meeting.  I believe 59 is good public policy.  It will give our legislators more discretion to set priorities and it will set aside money for schools in recession years.  It does eliminate automatic increases in school funding.

I saw an ad for Amendment 59 tonight and I was sorely disappointed.  I found the ad to be cynical and disengenuous.  The ad featured "politicians" shaking down students outside a school and robbing their lunch money.  You can watch the ad here.  The ad suggests that "politicians" will have less discretion over money.  In fact, it gives state legislators more discretion.  I think that's good public policy.  We elect our legislators to set priorities.  It may be in some years that schools should get less and transportation or health care should get more.  That's why we have a legislature.  But the notion of legislators setting priorities obviously must not "poll" well or test well in the focus groups.

I admire the people who crafted Amendment 59.  I've listened to their presentations.  I've had the chance to ask questions.  These are thoughtful people – they also happen to be politicians.

It is another sign of the sorry state of politics (and from my perspective not very creative political consultants) that we dress up good public policy in "wolf's clothing" to scare people to vote Yes.

I certainly hope that Amendment 59 passes.  I certainly don't think the ad helps.


3 Responses to “Speaking of Amendment 59”

  1. Brad Jolly Says:

    We disagree as to whether 59 is a good idea John, but we agree that the ads for it are disingenuous at best. Thank you for your intellectual honesty on this particular issue.
    Can I count on you to similarly denounce the “pro” side of 3A and 3B for suggesting that the total cost of both would be a little over $200 on a $300,000 home?

  2. Jo Charlton Says:

    Tax impacts can be found here:
    The bond costs less (even though it is for more money) because it is spread over 20 years. So does this mean you support 3A and 3B now you know it is only $223/ year on a 300K home? Such a small investment for the future of our children!

  3. Mike Patzkowsky Says:

    I too was very dissapointed by the ad. An ad that showed politicians shaking down students was and is completely inappropriate. I was dissapointed for a variety of reasons, from using actors portraying children and violence. Democrat or Republican, supporter or not this is a poor representation of what politicians are or really should be about. I truly believe that these types of ads for or against a ballot issue which you may or may not support should not include the types of messages and images seen in this ad.

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