Trojan Alumni Club

I want to share some information I received about the new Trojan Alumni Club.

The Trojan Alumni Club has been started to help increase the support for Longmont High classrooms and class projects as well as unite alumni in common causes and fun. Other schools in the area have 20 times the support from alumni that Longmont High has and Longmont High has 104 years of graduates and more than 20,000 living alums. The reason – we believe it is because no one asked for the assistance and made it easy to participate in the Trojan Alumni Club. Now it is easy.


If you are an LHS Alumni, please take a few minutes to go to  and hopefully add your name and $20 annually to the list of members.  Just use the Pay Pal button on the donate page or follow directions on that page – please be sure to include your graduation year.  If we can get 500 alums to contribute annually we can quadruple what we have been able to provide for LHS classrooms. Imagine the possibilities if each of the alums found one other to support their alma mater in this easy and inexpensive way. We are offering incentives for you to find other alums to join… find 20 and get a Trojan sweatshirt, find 25 and get an activity pass to LHS, get 50 to sign up and we’ll give you a family activity pass!


The committee who is working on this will be made up of alumni only and you are also invited to join. The possibilities and fun are whatever the alums choose.


One Response to “Trojan Alumni Club”

  1. Brad Jolly Says:

    John, like you, I had high hopes that this would turn out to be highly successful. Unfortunately, even after the big Times-Call article and the Ziggi’s event (which drew roughly ten people, I am told), there are still only 53 people on the list. There were about three dozen when your article was published. Why do you suppose this is? I have a hypothesis that people are so overtaxed into supporting things they don’t want to support that they no longer have the energy, time and money to support the things that they do want to support.

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