Colorado SAFE

The Colorado constitution is tied in knots.  Our legislature's ability to manage competing state needs as circumstances change is severely limited.  As voters, we have placed caps on revenues and mandated spending.  These are not reconcilable differences.

Colorado SAFE – Savings Account for Education – is and innovative effort to untangle these knots.  I encourage you to take a look.  I'm curious what you think.


3 Responses to “Colorado SAFE”

  1. Gaythia Weis Says:

    After finding this on your blog, I went to the website. I found their explanations to be incomplete and a bit confusing. I have sent Colorado Safe the following note and will let you know how they reply:
    Dear Colorado Safe;
    What is the middle phrase of the line below supposed to mean?
    (second bullet under Key Protections)
    Does not increase tax rates Education Fund in a savings or create any
    new tax
    Also, I would like to see an explanation as to how “surplus” funds are saved and applied to education needs. What happens in a lengthy economic downturn?
    Gaythia Weis

  2. Annette Higgins Says:

    “…untangles the fiscal knot in Colorado’s constitution.”
    Please, if this is all it takes to untangle our fiscal knot in the constitution we would be lucky!
    I am almost insulted at the level of detail on this page.
    I would like to point out that there are many worthy entities that would love to be able to access these “surpluses.”
    When will the conversation come to the forefront to discuss how this fiscal knot can be untied to help Colorado as a whole?

  3. Annette Higgins Says:

    OK. Still trying to understand. Do I have this correct?
    1.) Put TABOR surpluses into an education trust fund.
    2.) requirements for education spending is set to increase annually = inflation + 1%
    This would keep the requirements for education funding, and will also create a saving account to help fund education. Thus freeing up general fund dollars?????

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