Committees – Value Added

As the final month of this school year begins, the various school committees are holding their last meetings of the school year, too.

I’ve served on committees for five months.  The question on my mind at this time of year for each of the committees is:  What is our value added?  In particular, how do we help leverage and support the work of principals and classroom teachers?

I am hopeful that we have an evaluative process as we begin to wrap up our work for this academic year.


One Response to “Committees – Value Added”

  1. Connie Masson Says:

    Thank you for the reminder about the most important step in the process. As the year ends, I plan to have this reflection with the school groups that I serve and support. Your post was a good timely reminder for me.
    We just had our evaluation process for the student technology fair. Without it we wouldn’t be able to do the job we need to do for next year’s fair. I believe the fair will continue to get better and better largely because of the evaluative process.

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