Abbondanza Pizzeria

Bob Goff is a remarkable business person.  I like the pizza he serves and his calzones.  My admiration for Bob goes beyond his food.  He goes to remarkable lengths to serve our community and our schools.

I see Bob at Rotary most Wednesday mornings.  He gets up extremely early each week to serve us breakfast.  He certainly doesn’t charge us enough to make it worth his while.  But, Bob’s support of the club is in line with the Rotary motto: Service above Self.

Bob provides untold amounts of support to our schools, too.  He says yes, probably way too often, without hesitation when asked for support by local schools, soccer teams, and many other grops.  He provides discounted food for numerous school events.  Bob also supports a mill levy override – even though commercial property owners like Bob will be hit hardest by an increase in property taxes.  Bob understands the importance of good schools.  Good schools are good business.

Bob holds no official positions in our community.  He is a typical small business owner, tending to his business most hours of the day.  Bob also is a true public servant.

I encourage you to visit Abbondanza Pizzeria.


One Response to “Abbondanza Pizzeria”

  1. Connie Masson Says:

    Thanks for your expose on Abbondanza Pizzeria. I am particularly starving at the moment and your message did the trick. I plan to visit Abbondanza next week and treat a friend from Channel 3 Public Access that is also a true public servant.

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