St. Vrain Valley Latino Coalition-Advocacy Committee

I had the opportunity to meet with the Latino advocacy committee for a short time last week.  As a school district, we are not adequately meeting the needs of our Latino students.  The appallingly low graduation rates of Latino students are the most obvious measure of our lack of success in serving these students.  Certainly, students and families must take responsibility for their education.  The school district must make a more concerted effort, too.

The Latino Coalition-Advocacy Committee wants to work with the school district around four issues:

1.       Dropout prevention and intervention.

2.       Parent involvement and communication.

3.       Equity and representation for a multicultural community.

4.       White flight.

There is general support within our school district to address these issues.  There are some specific efforts being made.  We need to be even more specific.  General support will not lead to the concerted effort needed to make a difference.  We need to adopt specific efforts that have been tried and tested.  One such example is the Latino Education Achievement to Graduate (LEAG) program used in Grand Junction schools.  It is an area I plan to give more attention as we move toward the next school year.


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