Kudos to the Calendar Committee

The Calendar Committee is asking that the board approve the school calendar for the next two years.  The board will vote on February 13.  This will provide the committee with more time to do a long term examination of the school calendar.  For instance, the committee can consider extending the school year to build in more time to examine data, prepare and design differentiated learning strategies; examine the possibilities and implications of a year-round calendar and other possibilities.

Taking a fresh look at the calendar is long overdue.  I appreciate the calendar committee’s efforts to make this possible.


2 Responses to “Kudos to the Calendar Committee”

  1. Joe Mehsling Says:

    Thanks John. We are very excited to start gathering data and looking at options. I think our first step is to define what a 21st Century Calendar looks like. The we need to see some examples. It will be a great project.

  2. Brad Jolly Says:

    Are we certain that 21st Century learning requires a calendar? I will happily concede that some things the school district does (football games, band concerts, pep rallies for teachers of non-academic subjects) require scheduling.
    Learning, however, is best done asynchronously. Consider, for example, the current versions of the math pacing guides. Do they not seem to assume an extraordinarily homogeneous audience? Given the speed and opportunities of the modern world, should not our approach to time management reflect our heterogeneous reality?

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