My Views

We heard a presentation from the school district’s attorney, Dick Lyons, this past Friday.  He mentioned that board members writing blogs should make clear that our posts represent our personal views, they do not represent the views of the district or the board.

That’s true.  My posts on this blog only represent my views.  I am speaking only for myself.


3 Responses to “My Views”

  1. Brad Jolly Says:

    John, I always took this as being the case. The URL was a good clue.

  2. Craig Colgan Says:

    John: What prompted your district’s attorney to talk about this? I am curious. Drop me an email and let me know? Love your blog. — Craig Colgan,

  3. John Creighton Says:

    The discussion came up in the context of emails. The first suggestion was to add disclaimers to emails. Many professionals, CPAs and Attorney’s in particular, have disclaimers on all emails. The connection was made to the blog in that context.

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