One World Youth Project

Marnie Steele, a Trail Ridge Middle School science teacher, is one of those teachers are likely to remember even when they’re older.  Marnie is enthusiastic, fun and passionate about her subject.  She goes out of her way and puts in extra hours to create learning opportunities for her students.  Her husban Jamie helps.

One program she has brought to Trail Ridge is the One World Youth Project.  It provides opportunities for students to do hands on environmental work and interact with students from other parts of the world.

I appreciate Marnie’s enthusiasm and dedication.


One Response to “One World Youth Project”

  1. Brad Jolly Says:

    As I look at the OWYP site, it is clear that this is a program with a clearly left-of-center political agenda – very pro-U.N. for example.
    On what basis are teachers allowed to bring in programs to the schools? Would a teacher be allowed to bring in an anti-globalist program from, say, the John Birch Society?

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