An Idea to Improve Board Meetings

I shared with my fellow board members an idea to improve board meetings.  My understanding is my idea has been common practice in the past.

At our December 12 board meeting, most of the audience came to be part of the discussion to name Mead High School.  It was indeed exciting.  This agenda item was later on our schedule.  People had to wait 90 minutes before we came to this topic.  Once we finished our business on Mead High School, the room cleared out.

When we have an agenda item that is of clear interest to most of the people who attend our board meetings, we should move these items to the front of the list.  It seems the best way to be gracious to our constituents.


2 Responses to “An Idea to Improve Board Meetings”

  1. Bud Hunt Says:

    Does it make sense ever to use a wiki to try to capture public comment?

  2. Brad Jolly Says:

    John, I congratulate you for this simple, but useful suggestion. It seems obvious, but it’s not standard practice. I would fully support making it so.
    I also like Bud’s idea of having an electronic, asynchronous method of gathering public input, but I don’t think a wiki is the way to go. In the usual meaning of the term, wiki contributors are a) anonymous, and b) capable of editing or deleting others’ work. Perhaps a series of running blogs on various issues would work, especially if one had to create a login in a verifiable fashion to be able to post.

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