Here’s a brief review of my activities in December

– Wednesday, December 5 – Observe Westview Middle School Leadership Team

– Monday, December 10 – Board Work Session

– Tuesday, December 11 – Secondary Principals Breakfast

– Wednesday, December 12 – Latino Education Task Force and Board Meeting

– Thursday, December 13 – Longmont Chamber of  Commerce Event

– Friday, December 14 – Bob Smith and I met with Mayor Roger Lange (Bob and I are liaisons to the Longmont City Council)

– Wednesday, December 19 – Board Work Session (I will be absent)

Here’s what’s on the calendar so far for January

– Monday, January 7 – Meet with Longmont Latino Leaders

– Tuesday, January 8 – Accountability Committee Meeting

– Wednesday, January 9 – Latino Education Committee and Board Meeting

– Tuesday, January 15 – K12 Online Class and Rocky Mountain Elementary Tamales & Talk

– Wednesday, January 16 – Board Work Session

– Friday, January 18 – All Day Retreat

– Tuesday, January 22 – Accountability Committee Meeting

– Wednesday, January 23 – Board Meeting

– Thursday, January 24 – Focus on Longmont Education Task Force

– Wednesday, January 30 – Joint Session with Longmont City Council


One Response to “Schedule”

  1. Brad Jolly Says:

    Thanks for giving people a preview, John. No one can doubt that you are putting in a lot of time.
    Merry Christmas.

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