Student Centric Education

Student centric is a phrase used by policy people to describe the perspective from which policies are set. Most school districts have an organization centric approach to their work. Policies are set to accomplish organization goals. Here’s an example of a difference: CSAPs are an organization centric assessment tool. They are designed to evaluate schools and to a lesser extent teachers. They are not really designed as a learning tool for students. A student centric assessment tool would provide rapid feedback to the learner so he or she could direct their own efforts to improve.

If we took a student centric approach to education policy, what would be different? How would we budget differently? How would we do assessments differently? How would this affect the vision and mission of school districts, including St. Vrain’s?


2 Responses to “Student Centric Education”

  1. Brad Jolly Says:

    As you recall, I presented a student-centric approach for mathematics to the board two months ago.
    It went absolutely nowhere, and met resistance from certain board members who were deeply concerned about its potential impact on the entrenched interests.
    You are right in wanting to be student-centric. In St. Vrain, though, it’s an uphill battle.
    The system is employee-centric.
    Good luck!

  2. Donna Salemink Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thinking on this often heated topic. It seems like good questions can be an indicator that a paradigm shift is somewhere in sight. That gives me hope to continue teaching.

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