New Geography

As I sat in CASB sessions, I thought about an experience I had just a day earlier.

I met Bruce Theriault last week in Las Vegas. Bruce is the vice president of radio for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. We both were attending workshop for The Harwood Institute/Corporation for Public Broadcasting Community Engagement Initiative.

Bruce was there to work with and support the participating public radio stations. I was there as a Harwood Institute coach. I am working closely with six public radio and television stations to help them develop community engagement strategies to improve the civic health of their communities and improve the local significance of their stations.

Bruce and I have something in common though neither of us knew it until we met in Las Vegas. We both live in Longmont. Bruce’s “office” is in Washington, DC. My work with CPB is with a team based in Bethesda, MD.

I tell this story to illustrate a point. More and more of us live in one location but work – often virtually – with people a continent or continents away. As more adults (especially parents) decouple geographic boundaries from their work experiences, they will (already are) develop new expectations for their children’s education. Parents are going to think about their children’s education more as an experience than a place. There will always be demand for physical schools so that children learn how to build relationships with peers. But, increasingly, parents will think of the physical school buildings as just one piece of a larger experience.

How should we, as a school district, prepare for a world of new geography?


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