Colorado Association of School Boards

I am energized by what’s possible for our children. Our children can look forward to wonderfully exciting, stimulating and challenging educational experiences. But, we’ve got to change – more than we have already. We can build on the lessons of the past and present that we’re learning in St. Vrain and from others. We can build on the dedication and passion of our families, educators and community. But small steps are not sufficient. If we are going to deliver on the promise that awaits our children we must be willing to innovate. With innovation comes risk. That’s uncomfortable but that’s what we must be willing to do. At the CASB (Colorado Association of School Boards) Convention in Colorado Springs, we heard about innovations, possibilities and hard, emotional work.

Six St. Vrain school board members were able to attend the convention along with a few administrators and a fantastic group of St. Vrain students who should make our communities proud. The conference ran from Thursday through Sunday. I was able to attend on Friday and Saturday. If you interested, here is the conference agenda. I attended the following general sessions:

Teaching and Leading the Millennials: A New Education Story – David Warlick, owner, The Landmark Project (thought provoking)

Equipping Students with 21st Century Skills – Kenneth Kay, president, Partnership for 21st Century Skills (some overlap from previous day)

And, I attended the following breakout sessions:

A 21st Century Curriculum for all Students – Mike Miles, superintendent, Harrison #2 (useful)

Closing Schools to Open Opportunities – Englewood Schools (useful)

Student Based Budget – Poudre (Fort Collins and surrounding communities) School District (useful)

Supporting Your Decision-Making with Good Data – Glenn McClain, superintendent, Platte Valley Schools & Jan Rose Petro, Colorado Department of Education (did not meet my needs)

I returned home Saturday night and I did not attend sessions on Sunday.

In addition to formal sessions we had the opportunity to meet with a great group of St. Vrain students. St. Vrain board members also attended receptions/dinner sponsored by: Bernard, Lyons, Gaddis & Kahn (this law firm represents the school district, the reception honored Dan Bernard); George K. Baum & Co., Adolfson & Peterson Construction, H&L Architecture, RLH Engineering, Inc., Strategies Resources West, Inc.; and George K. Baum & Co. (this was a dinner).

I have written several posts based on my experiences at and reflections on the CASB convention. I cranked these out pretty fast so I apologize in advance for typos, etc. It doesn’t appear that the formatting turned out quite like I’d hoped on a few posts. There is more for me to learn. Here’s what you’ll find.

David Warlick Keynote

“CSAPs aren’t meaningful to students”

Closing Schools to Open Opportunities

21st Century Skills

We Must Innovate

Student Based Budgeting

Student Centric Education

New Geography

Building Community


One Response to “Colorado Association of School Boards”

  1. John Says:

    Sounds like you have another productive meeting at CASB. I am impressed with your notes from the meetings. Let get together soon before the holidays.

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