Thanks for the Support

Election Day is one week away.  Many people in Boulder, County have mailed in their ballots.  The plan is for newly elected school board members to take their seats on Wednesday, November 14 – just two weeks from tomorrow.  Given that I am running without opposition, the outcome of my election is fairly certain.

I am excited to have the opportunity to serve the St. Vrain Valley on the school board.  I have had several people remind me that it is about service to our communities and I take that to heart.

I have spent the past three months making a concerted effort to learn from a wide range of people in our communities.  I was excited by the possibilities of public education and public schools before I announced my candidacy.  I am more excited now.  There are many, many people in our communities who are passionate about creating opportunities for our children, our schools and our communities.  I have been inspired and humbled by the efforts people are making in all parts of our school district.

I am learning that there is good work already in motion.  I also am learning that we must embrace efforts to create change with a much greater sense of urgency.

We are learning how to create learning environments in which all children can thrive.  These lessons are being learned around the country and right here in St. Vrain.  But, in order to capitalize on these lessons and provide all children with a superior educational experience, we must embrace the fact that public schools will change.  They must change.

Before I delve too deeply into education issues (I will continue to do so in future posts), I want to pause and express thanks to those who supported my efforts for school board.

John Caldwell has been a role model for me when it comes to community service.  I appreciate his service on the board and to our communities.  He is someone who I will continue to tap as a sounding board.

Heather and Matt Brandt have provided considerable encouragement and were gracious enough to host a kick-off party on my behalf.  Their daughter Isabelle spent a Sunday afternoon going door-to-door with my children and me.

Dave and Lenise Eiffert also have provided encouragement and Dave has made sure that our campaign complies with paper work required by the Secretary of State.

Debbie Lammers has helped me learn a great deal about the district.  She is another role model of service.  I appreciate how she is always upbeat even in the face severe adversity.

Annette Higgins took time to go door-to-door on my behalf and she is helping me better understand the challenges that face special needs students.

Brian and Sandy Herman have helped me to meet people I might not otherwise and give our family a boost with logistics, hauling our son Joe to many different activities.

Veronica Sommers inspires me to work hard, think hard and helped organize a parent discussion in east Longmont.

Karen Sekich opened up her home on my behalf so I could meet people from Mead.  I know Karen through Rotary.  Rotary’s motto is Service above Self.  That’s Karen!

Nanci Kalamaya offered early encouragement, contributions and shared her experience as a former school board member.

Colette Lotter and Rick Jacobi also opened up their home.  They recruited a great group of parents for a conversation in east Longmont.

Gene Kath, a friend and teacher at Sunset Middle School, allowed me to observe two of his math classes so I could gain some insight to what is happening in the classrooms.

Several people supported my campaign with contributions:  Veronica Sommers; Dave & Lenise Eiffert; Beverly Springer; Karl & Lisa Spiecker; Kristin & Eric Colon; Nanci Kalamaya; Jody & Matt McCain; Debbie Lammers; John Caldwell; Bill Sharp; Teri Pinney; Gretchen Hammer, and Laurie Zeller.  I appreciate your generosity.

Jamie Neufeld and Mike Newell, teachers at Silver Creek and Mead Middle School, respectively, arranged for me to have lunch with their colleagues.  It was great to listen to and learn from teachers.

Shari Malloy arranged for a tour of the Transition Program for Students with Disabilities.  This is one of many services provided by the district about which I am still learning.

Suzzanne Painter is making efforts to help me meet a wide range of people in the district.

Many principals, mayors and district administrators have made time to help me learn.

There are many other friends who have made extra efforts to help and who regularly offer encouragement.

Joni and I appreciate all that everyone has done for the campaign and for our family.  The friendships we have formed are part of what motivates me and gives me the energy to take on this role.  I will do my best over the next four years to earn the support we’ve been given by others.


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