Campaign Spending

Today’s Times-Call reports that I lead all SVVSD candidates in funds raised and spent (see October 6 post on this blog for details of what I’ve raised and spent).  Victoria Cameron told me she found it ironic that, as an unopposed candidate, this would be the case.  Why have I raised and spent over $500?

I want to run a serious campaign.  Over the summer, I developed two budgets – $500 if I was unopposed and $3,000 if I had opposition.  I built the infrastructure for a campaign in July and August.  I created a website, started this weblog an printed flyers for door-to-door campaigning.  I had materials translated into Spanish.  And, I spent $60 for a voter history and precinct maps so that I could target high turnout precincts when I went door-to-door.

As it turned out, I am unopposed.  I have turned down several contribution offers because I already had met my $500 goal.  I continue to go door-to-door but I must confess I’ve been less diligent about targetting high turnout precincts.  Instead, I am focusing on neighborhoods where I don’t know as many people.  I thought it would be good to go places and meet people with whom I am less familiar.

I plan to keep the blog going after election day.


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