What I Wrote for the Boulder Weekly

The Boulder Weekly requested an overview of my campaign platform and background about me.  The request was not very specific.  Here’s what I submitted.

I am bullish on the future of public schools.  We have the opportunity to provide our children with opportunities our parents and grandparents could not have imagined.   To create the opportunities that await our children, there are five critical issues I believe the St. Vrain Valley School District must consider.

    Make learning the constant and time the variable.   Right now it’s the other way around.  All children attend school and classes for the same amount of time.  We all know children learn at different rates.   We need to let students make progress at their own pace.

    Give teachers the time they need to succeed.   Preparing to support children takes more time than it did in the past.  One lesson plan for 30 students is no longer sufficient.  Teachers need time to tailor instruction to the needs of individual students.   Educators call this differentiated learning.

    Retain St. Vrain students in St. Vrain schools.   St. Vrain is behind neighboring school districts in providing education options.  We need high demand schools such as dual-language, Montessori and science or arts focused schools so all families can find a home in our public schools.

    Invest like we’re serious.  We need more money in the system to meet the unprecedented goal of preparing every child for schooling after high school.  St. Vrain must demonstrated lessons learned from past mistakes and we need the community’s support for additional funding.

    Reclaim public school’s role to build community.   An historic role for public schools is to build democratic society by bringing together people of diverse backgrounds.  We are slipping back to the apartheid system of education that existed before Brown v. Board of Education.   We must be intentional about making public schools a place where people of different backgrounds learn with, from and about one another.

I am a parent of children in public schools, active in my children’s school and the district.  My wife Joni and I have been married 18 years and we have children in fifth, third and kindergarten.   I am a business person.  I own my own consulting practice and serve on the board of High Plains Banking Group.   I have 20 years of experience working with public sector organizations.  I have experience in public opinion research, organizational strategy and professional development with public sector leaders.   And, I am passionate about the critical role that public schools play in our democratic society.


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