Campaign Budget

Campaign expense reports are due in one week – on October 12.  My plan is to close down my campaign website after Election Day.  I plan to transfer some of the website content to the blog.  I thought a good place to start would be the campaign budget information.

I also want to take this opportunity to say thanks to all the people who contributed to help out with campaign costs.  This is especially generous since I ended up not having opposition.

Campaign Budget


July 25 – Web Domain                    35.00

July 31 – Website Design & Hosting 99.80

July 31 – Voter History                    50.00

July 31 – Precinct Maps                   10.00

August 6 – Notary Public                   5.00

August 10 – Spanish Translation      35.36

August 12 – Door-to-Door Flyers    140.00 (corrected 10/17)

August 12 – Blogsite Hosting            29.83

August 20 – Ink for Printer               31.93

August 30 – Notary Public                  7.00

August 31 – Spanish Translation       25.00

September 8 – Reception Food        53.99

Cash Contributions

Veronica Sommers – $25

Veronica and her husband Dave D’Epagnier have become family friends over the last few years.  Their children attend Central Elementary and Veronica is instrumental in helping the school create enrichment opportunities for the students.

Dave Eiffert – $25

Our oldest two children are in the same grades at Central Elementary as Dave and Lenise Eiffert’s two children.  Dave and I worked together on Central’s PTO.  Lenise is a fourth grade teacher at Central.  Dave is my campaign treasurer.

Beverly Springer – $50

Beverly and I have worked together on the Longmont Multicultural Task Force Community Involvement Committee.

Karl Spiecker – $50

Karl and his wife Lisa are family friends.  They live in our neighborhood and their three children attend Central Elementary.

Kristin Colon – $25

Kristin and Eric Colon are their boys are another Central family.  Eric also is a member of Central’s PTO.

Nanci Kalamaya – $50

Nanci is a neighbor and a teacher at Central Elementary.  She has brought several innovative programs to our school.

Jody McCain – $20

Jody and her husband Matt are families friends from the neighborhood.  We have children of a similar age.

Debbie Lammers – $50

Debbie is a friend from the 2004 mil-levy override campaign and chair of the Community Bond Review Committee.

John Caldwell – $25

John and I have become friends over the past four years.  I see him as a role model for community service.  He is currently vice-president of the school board.

Bill Sharp – $50

Bill is a local realtor and family friend.  My wife Joni once worked for Bill’s wife Peg.

Teri Pinney – $50

Teri lives in Denver.  She is a former work colleague.  She and I opened and operated a Colorado office for The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation for three years.  Teri then became a program officer for the Piton Foundation and I did consulting work for her.

Gretchen Hammer – $50

Gretchen and I are business partners.  She was the first person to join me at Conocer, my consulting organization.  We have worked together for eight years.

Laurie Zeller – $100

Laurie is on staff at the Bell Policy Center in Denver.  I have had the oportunity to do research for the Bell Policy Center over the past five years.  Over this time, Laurie and I have become friends.

In-Kind Contributions

Heather and Matt Brandt are hosting a party on behalf of the campaign on September 8.

Karen Sekich is hosting a community conversation in the Mead area on September 18.

Debbie Lammers is hosting a community conversation in Niwot on September 21.

Colette Lotter and Veronica Sommers are hosting a community conversation in East Longmont on October 23.


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