School Visits

Here is a list of the schools I have visited as of October 5.  I hope to make school visits an ongoing activity as a way to keep learning what’s going on in our district.  As you will see I have not yet been to Erie, Meads or Lyons.  That’s a gap I need to fill.  What’s more, I have visited less than 1/3 of our schools.  I’ve got a lot of work to do in the months ahead.

This is part of the challenge of having such a large district.  Board members certainly can take a divide and conquer approach to learning about what’s going on in schools and communities within the district.  But, people reasonably expect all board members to make decisions that affect their communities and children based on personal knowledge – not just what another board member tells you.  That means that each board member must develop a knowledge base about what’s going on for themselves.  In a school district of this size, with the number of schools and municipalities that we have, that’s difficult – especially for a volunteer position.  It does not obsolve board members of trying to visit as many schools and communities as possible but the time adds up.

Anyway, here’s where I’ve been so far.

Elementary Schools: Columbine, Eagle Crest, Northridge, Alpine

Middle Schools: Heritage, Altona, Coal Ridge, Sunset

High Schools: Silver Creek, Longmont, Niwot

Other: Transition Program for Students with Disabilities


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