Results Now

My Uncle, Joe Wilson, is a high school principal – at City College in Baltimore for 10 years and now in Ithaca, New York.  While at City College, the school earned the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award.

When he learned I was running for school board, he immediately sent me a copy of Results Now by Mike Schmoker.  The book outlines strategies to improve teaching and learning through team-based learning communities, common curriculum and assessments.

My uncle said to me, "If you support nothing else, support this."  The Professional Learning Community days established by St. Vrain a a first step toward the ideas outlined by Schmoker.  I have had the opportunity to talk about PLC days with several St. Vrain principals and teachers.  Making the best use of this time is a learning process, too.  But almost everyone I talk to – principals and teachers – agree the time to work in team-based learning communities is powerful.

I have some experience with this myself.  I have managed what we call learning teams for the past eight years.  I developed and led learning teams (before I had ever heard of Professional Learning Communities) for about 40 state primary health care associations beginning in 1999.  They continue today.  I am currently part of a team working with 12 public broadcasting stations.

I’ve seen first hand the power that learning teams can have to focus and enhance people’s work.  When well managed, learning teams produce results.


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