I have received three formal sets of questions sent to all school board candidates.  I will publish my answers to these questions on the blog after the due dates for the questions.

From the Longmont Chamber of Commerce (due Wednesday, September 12 all answers must be 50 words or less; answers will be published in the Business Advocate).

1. Do you feel that business should play a role in public education?  If no, why not? If yes, how?

2. Do you feel that the business community’s interests impact public education? If no, why not? If yes, why?

3. Do you feel that the educational community’s interests impact the business community? If no, why not? If yes, why?

4. Are you satisfied with the pay scale for the first year teachers?  If you are, why? If you are not, what are your suggestions to increase the pay?

From the Daily Times-Call (due Friday, September 14 all answers must be 100 words or less; answers will be published in the Times-Call).

1. Why are you running for school board?

2. What is your vision of the American educational system in 10 years?

3. How can the SVVSD improve its graduation rate and better prepare students for life after high school?

4. How should the SVVSD accomodate current and future growth in the district?

From Brad Jolly (due date Monday, September 17 no word limit; no specific publication)

  1. As a school board member, what specific, measurable goals would you make high priorities for the district achieve by June 30, 2008?
  2. Same question, but by June 30, 2009.
  3. What are the 3-5 important things that the SVVSD routinely does best?
  4. What are the 3-5 important things that the SVVSD routinely does worst?  Please list the same number of items in this response that you did for the question above.
  5. Would you support a mill levy override in 2008?
  6. Can the SVVSD improve student performance without spending more money than the increases already guaranteed by Amendment 23?  Name as many specific ideas as possible.
  7. Do you believe the district is standards-based in terms of student achievement?  Explain.
  8. Outside of charter schools, what percentage of SVVSD teachers would you put in each of the following categories relative to their public school peers along the Front Range (answers should add up to 100%)?

                Much Better than Average
                Better than Average
                Worse than Average
                Much Worse than Average

  9. Describe your position on the district’s current "Health Education Proposal."  Are there any areas that you would work to repeal?
  10. What is your position on the way the district has dealt with Imagine?
  11. What is your position on the way math is taught in the SVVSD?
  12. Would you support a voucher system for students that would enable students to leave schools where more than 80% of the students flunk the CSAP?  By "voucher system," I mean a system wherein parents would be able to take their students’ per-pupil funding to a public, parochial or private school of the parents’ choosing. 
  13. Would you support a similar voucher system for all students?
  14. In a public editorial published in the Times-Call and on the district’s Web site, Dr. Zila wrote, "On standardized testing St. Vrain students outscore most of their peers around the state, including Cherry Creek and Boulder Valley."  Is this statement true?  What evidence is there for or against this?
  15. More than a decade ago, Dr. Zila’s predecessor talked about making the SVVSD a "world-class" district.  Are we there yet?  Are we close?
  16. What else would you like to say to help me make up my mind as to whom I wish to support in the upcoming election?

From various emails sent to me (no particular due dates):

– How can Individual Education Plans (IEPs) be done better?

– How can schools make better use of technology in schools?

– What are your ideas to get more parents involved with schools?

– What place should charter schools have in the education system?
– What is your take on bilingual education?
– What is your position on racial integration in schools?
– How should school accountability work?


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