How Should Business Best Invest?

I was asked a question today I could not answer off the top of my head. I was asked, what are the best ways for businesses to invest in public education and schools? Most of us could create a laundry list of possibilities. There already are a number of businesses that do invest in our schools – with time, resources and dollars. That’s fantastic and we should celebrate those efforts. But, as the St. Vrain School District strives to work in partnership with the business community, what is most strategic? How do we achieve the best return on investment? I’m sure there are more than one or even two good strategies. But, without focus – and just a desire for partnerships – we run the risk of doing things of marginal benefit in dribs and drabs.

I must confess that this is an area in which I need to do more homework and talk to people with more experience than mine. It’s on my agenda.


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