Broadening My Perspective

One of the things I think I will enjoy most about being a candidate for (and voters willing a member of) the school board is learning. We all are prisoners of our own perspectives. We know best that which we have personally experienced. That’s fine in a lot of instances. But, when you’re asking for the public trust to make decisions on behalf of others it is far from sufficient. That’s why I am trying to make an effort to learn from others – especially people who have experiences and perspectives different than my own.

I have had the opportunity recently to meet Andrew Moore, mayor of Erie, and Wade Carlson, mayor of Dacono. It was great chance to learn about issues from the perspective of their communities. I also have had the chance to visit with a number of current school board members as a way to benefit from their experiences. Tomorrow, I will make the first of what I hope are many visits to school. I will be taking a tour of Columbine Elementary School. Next week, I will be visiting Altona Middle School and Eagle Crest Elementary School.

It is impossible to completely break free of our own world views. These views are built upon a lifetime of experience and learning. When someone says they are always "objective," I’m suspicious. We all hold biases. The best we can do is try to understand our own and understand perspectives different than our own so that we can explicitly account for our own perspectives and those of others when we make judgments.


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