Emerging Public Expectations

I have been doing public opinion research on education issues for more than 15 years.  I have observed amazing shifts in people’s expectations for schools and education – especially over the past four to five years; especially among younger parents (those younger than baby boomers).Families don’t want the schools and classrooms of the previous century, which is largely what we still have.

Public educators must account for families’ shifting expectations or public schools risk losing their franchise.  Here is a chart I used in a recent presentation that summarize the emerging public expecations for education that I’ve observed in my work.

Emerging Expectations for Education

Fading Expectations

Emerging Expectations


Teach the Basics

Cultivate Love of Learning


Do Your Assignment

Engage Their Passions


Common Curriculum

Deep Personalization





Small Numbers/Closed

High Touch/Connected


District Centric

School & Family Centric


Narrow School Progress

Broad Student Progress

* the most nascent attitude


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